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Tulituote LTD as a company


What is Tulituote Oy (LTD)?


Tulituote signifies word fireproduct. We are limited company who import heating and energy devices. Our shop is located in middle Finland, city of Seinäjoki, We are family company, and we have existed since 2003 under trade name, and under Ltd since 2008.


Our main products are wood and pellet heating devices, but we are also specialized solar heating, and water heating systems and many energy solutions. Our goal is to plan personal heating system for customers needs, including installation if needed. We offer technical assistance by phone, mail or personally in our shop.


Our yearly selling volume is over 300 stoves/fireplaces per year + other heating products like water storage tanks and solar panels.




Flame of the Meadows - our Fireplace studio

Or 580 m² own studio/warehouse was completed in december 2016. 

We are proud to introduce you 260 m² showroom space, 30 m² social space with traditional sauna department, and 280 m² of warehouse space. 

Our building is one of the biggest fireplace studios in Finland, and the biggest in private company level. 


Take a walk in our studio with 360-google view :


Jotul brand corner


La Nordica cooker products


We use waterheating products to heat our whole building


Contura wall, with one connected to chimney

 La Nordica small range products


Nordpeis product range




Currently we have 53 fireplaces in our showroom. 

7 pieces are connected to chimney, includin traditional sauna stove. 

We use only our own products to heat up the whole building, and in a first year we spent 0,00 € to electric heating, and we are not connected any public energy/heating provider. 


Our location, and our resellers


We are located in middle Finland (calculated with population density, that excludes Lapland).

We have re-sellers all over Finland, that most have few best selling products in their showroom. 

With good logistics we have, we can deliver all orders made from final customers or re-sellers in 2 days towhole country.  



We use goverment owned transport company Posti (Post).

Theyll send our letters, packades and fireplaces to customers quickly and with best possible customer service.


Where else customers can reach us?

We visit every year all over Finland in biggest building exhibitions. Customers can visit in our stand to see products they are interested, instead of driving all the way to our showroom (altought many customers drive long distances to visit our showroom).

Our standard exhibition locations are held in Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Vaasa ja Oulu. 

Every second year we visit also in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. 

See our exhibition list. Notice that it will be updated every 2 months before exibition 




Do you want to know more?


Feel free to contact us by mail or call to us:


+358 50 303 5487 and ask me to phone!








Henri Syrjälä


Import and marketing manager 












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